As a result of employer demand, USWDP conducts a 30-hour soft skills training course at target universities. The course encompasses 9 modules designed to improve personal and pre-employability skills. Students who complete the course and pass a written exam receive a certificate that serves as a qualification for private sector internships.

The course is popular and fills up quickly, and USWDP has to turn many interested students away. The USWDP mobile soft skills application aims to extend the reach of the soft skills course to students who were not able to get a seat in the course, or who study on campuses where the course is not yet available. It should also catalyze and meet additional demand for the soft skills course, as the application will be designed to be engaging for users.

Value proposition

USWDP proposes to extend soft skill trainings to students who do not get into the face-to-face course, through Dari-language, technology-enabled channels. Students who complete this training and who pass the post-test will receive a certificate that admits them to an auxiliary pool of internship applicants.


The mobile soft skills application will contain 9 modules, one for each of the subjects covered in the face-to-face training:

Personal skills

Pre-employability skills

  • Time management
  • Effective business communication
  • Effective interpersonal skills and working in teams
  • Office ethics and etiquette
  • Cover letter writing
  • CV writing
  • Interviewing
  • Job search and networking
  • Job orientation and preparation

Each module will include brief reading material on the topic and a series of 10-second videos, each followed by an SMS multiple-choice question. The videos and questions will simulate face-to-face interactions – with supervisors, coworkers, HR officers, and clients – that require soft skills.

Students who successfully complete the mobile modules (by receiving a passing score on the multiple choice questions) become eligible to sit for the soft skills exam, conducted at the Career Center on campus, and receive a course completion certificate.

The combination of video materials and SMS questions creates an opportunity for deep learning, and for students who would not otherwise have access to, or be interested in, the course.

Online video materials (most likely video recordings of the Soft Skills Trainings) will be posted online for students to study as well.

If you would like to participate in this training, please visit the Career Center in the University and get the application installed in your mobile phone.