November 5, 2017

روز چهارشنبه مورخ ۱۰عقرب سال روان، در تالار ادیتوریم پوهنتون تعلیم وتربیه شهید استاد ربانی نتیجۀ نهایی مسابقات فوتسال که قبلاً بین تیم های پوهنځی های نه گانه پوهنتون راه اندازی شده بود، ا

April 10, 2017

Higher Education Management Information System (HEMIS) students from the Creative Center for Information Technology (IT Competence Center) is made, in a ceremony presented and discussed on its impl

April 10, 2017

The protocol  was singed between Shaheed prof. Rabani Education University and USWDP about establishing master’s program in field of education in academic deputy office at university.

Contract between SREU and USWDP about the Master in Education
Library Center of Kabul Educational University